Plan Management

Our plan management services help plan sponsors stay compliant and design retirement plans that are right for their organization. These services include:

Fiduciary Plan Review: 

Analysis of retirement plan provisions to ensure compliance with ERISA and DOL requirements.

Compliance Plan Review: 

Analysis of plan operation to ensure compliance with plan document.

Fiduciary Education: 

Choosing to offer a retirement plan is a wonderful thing—helping you and your employees save and prepare for a comfortable retirement.  However, there are many pitfalls you must be aware of and the liability that follows.  We provide modular educational sessions to help plan fiduciaries understand these responsibilities, so they may be better prepared.

Plan Design Consulting:

Retirement plans can be designed to in a multitude of ways to address the needs and concerns of an employer.  We help plan sponsors design plans to meet their objectives and review these goals annually to ensure the plan is properly suited to do so.

Plan Fee Benchmarking: 

At a minimum, each plan should benchmark their plan every 3 years to ensure the fees are reasonable in the marketplace.  One of the greatest drags on retirement savings are fees and expenses, so keen attention should be focused on this area when offering a retirement plan.  Our advisors will benchmark your plan with various vendors to ensure you are always receiving maximum value.

RFP (Request for Proposal) Consulting:

Whether choosing to offer a retirement plan for your organization or looking to make a switch to a new vendor, we can facilitate the complete RFP process.  This process can be a stand alone consulting engagement, or if we represent the retirement plan, part of our benchmarking